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Safe browsing for you and your family

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How to protect yourself and your kids when browsing the Internet:
Everyone enjoys getting onto the Internet these days, but nobody likes getting a virus. I will share with you a few tips on how to protect yourself and your family while browsing the Internet.

The first thing to remember is that you need to keep your anti-virus program updated. Nu 2U PC recommends using E-set NOD 32 Anti-virus .

Next is to think about the sites that you visit. Adult sites, File sharing sites, and social networking sites are the leading causes of infections. When clicking on a link in an email or a facebook posting make sure of the sites true address by looking at either the “hover over text” (when you place your mouse over the link) or at the bottom of your browser it will give the real address of the website that the link points towards.

One of the most common questions I get asked after that is “Where can I download free music then?” the short answer is nowhere. Musicians worked hard to make the music and recording companies work hard at protecting their interests. The best way is to purchase your music legally, or by ripping your own cd’s into mp3’s to put on your portable player.

If you want free software, check out www.downloads.com or http://www.osalt.com/.

When it comes to your kids some of the best things that I can offer you is to watch your child and their on-line activities, keep the computer in a common area, password protect your administrative account, and use a service like OpenDNS. You are able to set up a free account and keep your kids from browsing objectionable content by using their DNS service. OpenDNS.com provides you with easy step-by-step directions to get everything set up. You are even able to make custom pages for when objectionable sites are accessed.

Never give your bank accounts, user-names or passwords to anyone on the Internet.



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