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Android Market My Apps Missing?

Android 8.11.2011 No Comments

If you have noticed that you haven’t had any updates from the Android Market in a while, or if you have gone into the Market and have noticed that your apps are missing here is all that you have to do to get them back:

Goto Settings –> Applications –>Manage Applications –> All Apps –> Scroll down to Market –> Force Stop & Clear Data then go to Google Services Framework –> Force Stop & Clear Data. Then reboot, open the Market search for an app that you have and download it (might show that there is an update available for it) then go to My Apps and BINGO there they all are, have fun performing all of your updates!

I have noticed that I have had to do this a couple of times on my phone, but at least it is a quick and simple solution until whatever this bug is gets fixed!

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