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Favorite Android Apps

Android 30.7.2012 No Comments

I was thinking that since so many people are activating new android phones every day and many of which have never even had a smartphone that I would share some of my favorite apps. With each of these apps I am providing links to the Google Play Store where you can log in and install the app directly to your phone from the Play website, or you can scan the QRCode with your phones barcode scanner, install it on your phone.

Keyboard Application

TouchPalFirst and foremost is something that you are bound to use every day, your keyboard! I have tried out numerous keyboards and I then one day I found TouchPal and haven’t looked back since!
TouchPal provides you with swiping feature, auto-completion, auto-correct, editing features, web address features, (ex. http://, www., .com, www.*.com, and more) and it supports many languages.

The best part of it all is that it is FREE! You can download it here.

Family Awareness

Life360 Family Locator

With a lot of the craziness in the world today keeping track of your family can be daunting at times. With the help of Life360 Family Locator this can help ease your mind a bit! Life360 provides you with up-to-date location information about everyone in

your family. It can tell you if your kids are at home or at their friends house where they are supposed to be, if needed you can request a check-in from everyone as well as send out an emergency message to everyone and Life360 will text and email your family and provide them with with your location and your message. You can also access this same information from your pc or laptop. Life360 is also available for Iphones and Ipod Touch. http://goo.gl/Lygvi

Email ClientK-9 Mail

In my day to day activities I am constantly checking my email, and having a nice email client is very helpful! When I first tried sending an attachment with the stock email client on my first Android phone and realized I couldn’t, I immediately went on the hunt for a new client! That is where I found K-9 Mail. K-9 allows me to have multiple email accounts, I have all of them set up to use IMAP so the emails are available from any computer that I wish to access them on, with updated information such as read, replied, etc. K-9 also supports push, so that way my emails automatically are received on my phone, usually before my desktop receives them! I am able to have attachments, download and view attachments, color code my accounts, receive notifications that new mail has arrived, and so much more. If you use email throughout the day I would suggest that you take a few days to try out K-9 Mail and see if it is a good match for you!


If you are used to using a day planner then I need to introduce you to Jorte! Jorte is as much like a traditional day planner as it gets. You are able to customize the layout, add multiple calendars and color code them so you know whose appointments are which, and it synchronizes with your Google Calendar to keep track of all of your appointments. I really cannot express how much I depend on this app every day to keep track of my life. When you have a busy schedule and need to know about your availability Jorte is there for you!


I will add more app reviews and recommendations later so please check back in often for updates.

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