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Service Requests

Terms and Conditions

COMMUNICATIONS: By providing us with your cell phone number and/or email address you consent to being contacted via these methods of communication which may include being contacted by an automated service. At NO TIME WILL NU 2U PC LLC EVER sell your information to a third-party company for them to offer services. We respect your privacy and the sensitivity of your contact information.

ABANDONMENT: If your device is not scheduled for return within 5 days after attempting to notify you that services have been completed, you will be assessed a $5 per day storage fee for a maximum of 25 days (equaling $125) after which the device is considered abandoned. Nu 2U PC LLC is to be held harmless for any damage or claim for the abandoned property. Any and ALL charges are still your responsibility.

ESTIMATED COMPLETION TIME: Nu 2U PC LLC will provide you an ESTIMATED time frame for your repair/service. Unforeseen circumstances (such as package delivery, weather, etc.) may have an impact on our ability to complete the repair(s) as provided in the estimate.

HARDWARE REPLACEMENT: Any old part or hardware is available for your inspection if you advise us in advance; otherwise, we will recycle them responsibly.

UPGRADES: It is your responsibility to understand the impact of upgrades to the Operating System, applications, and utility software. Such upgrades can lead to incompatibilities and possible data loss. Computer hardware and software work together and incompatibility may not become apparent until a later date. You are responsible for contacting the manufacturer of your software regarding compatibility issues before you request any upgrades.

LIABILITY: Nu 2U PC LLC’s liability for damage to your computer is limited only to any damage which is determined to be caused by our negligent acts or omissions. Our liability for repairs is limited to the total price of repairs. Be aware that certain repairs, including but not limited to virus and spyware removal, may damage software and/or data installed on your computer. This is to be expected and may require the reinstallation of your programs, data, and/or Operating System.

LOSS OF DATA: Data is the most important part of a computer system because it is often irreplaceable. Due to the process of repair, data may get damaged or deleted. Nu 2U PC LLC is NOT responsible for any loss of data which may occur while performing work on your computer. You are responsible for ensuring you have a current backup of your data. You may request for us to backup your data for you for a fee; however we do NOT guarantee any backup.

OWNERSHIP: You must own the device that you request service for or be under authority of the owner of said device. You may be required to demonstrate ownership of any software that is to be (re)installed on your computer by providing the original software CDs and appropriate keys and/or serial numbers.

PRIVACY: Our technicians will not browse through your private data; however, they may inadvertently see the data during the course of their work. Please remove any private or personal files that you do not want others to see.

RIGHT TO REFUSE: Nu 2U PC LLC reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.

DECONTAMINATION: If, for any reason, your device is found to contain insects or other unusual contaminates, you will be IMMEDIATELY charged $75. This will need to be paid within 24 hours and before any further diagnosis or repairs will be attempted. Any monies paid or deposited to us will be applied to this fee, any balance remaining will be due and original deposit must be paid before any work will be completed. Failure to pay the decontamination fee will result in a forfeiture of your device.
THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. Decontamination will consist of removing and cleaning the device, as well as the technician’s area where the device was being worked on.

SCOPE OF WORK: We will only perform the work agreed upon when you schedule service. You must authorize any additional work which may be required. We utilize contractors to complete some repairs. If you do not want your repair completed by the outside facility, please notify us at time of scheduling as additional fees may occur.

WARRANTY: We provide a 30-day warranty on all labor. For parts, applicable warranties from suppliers and/or manufacturers warranties apply. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the work completed before the technician leaves.

VIRUS REMOVAL: We offer a 7-day guarantee on all our virus removals. If within 7 days you see a virus return, please call us immediately. If you see an infection after 7 days, please call us immediately. We will not charge a full $99, but will charge $49 to continue the removal of the latest virus. Software destroyed by a virus is not repairable under the $99 virus removal fee. Any software in need of repair will be billed at our normal rates. Some viruses delete and/or corrupt files and are sometimes beyond repair. There is no guarantee or warranty that a virus will never get through any product either purchased by Nu 2U PC LLC or any other brand you buy online or off the shelf. We ensure the viruses have been removed from your system, but since you are the owner and/or user, you are easily capable of contracting the exact same viruses again. If determined that your PC has been reinfected, you will be held responsible for another virus removal. If found that we neglected to remove it the first time, then we will remove it for free. Antivirus software is not guaranteed to prevent 100% of infections.