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You may have noticed some new software installed onto your system if you have recently purchased a computer from us or had yours in for service. Below you will find a little bit of information about them. When possible we use Open Source software, which is completely free. All of the software that we have installed is virus free, and is provided at no charge, all of the programs can be purchased or money donated to the creators if you so wish. If you wish to update all of these applications to the newest version you may download our bundled downloader which will update all of them to the latest version. If you do not have any of these applications and you would like to have all of them then please feel free to download the downloader as well. We have 2 versions of the downloader available, the first one is with all of the programs except for LibreOffice, you will want to install this one if you already have Microsoft Office installed on your computer or if you do not need a full office type suite. Here is the download link: http://www.nu2upc.com/support/AllSystemsNOLibre.exe And here is the one for everything including LibreOffice: http://www.nu2upc.com/support/AllSystemsWLibre.exe


MalwarebytesLogo200-1751 Malwarebytes – This is a free version of the program, good to run weekly, or whenever you think that you may have gotten malicious software.

SuperantispywareSUPERAntiSpyware – This is a free version of the program, good to run weekly, or whenever you think that you may have gotten spyware.

Office & Productivity

LibreOfficeLibreOffice – Is an Open Source full featured office suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.

FoxitReaderFoxit Reader – Is a small, fast, and feature rich PDF viewer that is free.

Apps 7 Zip
 7-Zip – Is a free Open Source program that allows you to open and create .zip files as well as many other compressed file formats.

Multimedia & Graphics

VLCVLC – Is an Open Source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as CD’s, DVD’s and streaming content as well.

iTunes10   iTunes – Is Apple’s music and video media player and is needed for various iDevices to backup and restore functionality.



Google ChromeGoogle Chrome – Is a fast, simple, web browser that contains a lot of features!

FirefoxFirefox – Is an Open Source web browser with many extension options.

icon Skype – Is a VOIP client that allows you to call, IM, and use video to friends and family all over the world.

TeamViewerTeamviewer – Is a free for personal use, remote support tool for helping friends or family that are connected to the Internet with their computer.

In addition to these programs that we installed, we also updated your system including drivers, security patches, Windows updates, Java, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight. Your system should be ready for you to use whether you want to go watch Netflix, or Youtube, or just listen to a CD or Internet radio station.



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