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Thank You

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Thank you for your patronage at Nu 2U PC! We would like to offer you some tips on helping to keep your computer running smooth and possibly preventing another service call in the near future.


  • Laptops screens should be cleaned with LCD or Plasma Screen cleaners, and not with glass cleaner, as this can damage your screen.
  • Laptops should not be used on soft surfaces (ex. bed, pillow, or couch) but should be used on a hard smooth surface preferably with a cooling fan.
  • Laptops when used for long periods of time tend to generate a lot of heat, if you are keeping it plugged in while working then remove the battery during this time, doing so will help the system run cooler, as well as extend your batteries’ life.
  • Keep your laptop off of the floor or sitting areas to prevent accidental breakage of the screen. Also, refrain from eating while using your laptop grease and crumbs cause damage to the keyboard and track pad.
  • Try to keep your laptops charger as close to the outlet and your work area as possible to prevent anyone from tripping over the cord, which could damage the dc jack.
  • Use a can of air to clean the dust out of your laptop or desktop often, or feel free to bring your system to us and we will be more than happy to clean it for you free of charge. Dust is the number 1 computer killer.
  • Keep your anti-virus programs updated as well as your Windows.
  • Have your desktop or laptop serviced regularly to keep it running smooth. We will remove some of the junk that builds up in a system from regular use and make noticeable speed improvements to your system.

If you have had your system in for service with us recently you may have noticed some new programs on your computer, click here to learn more about them.

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One Response to "Thank You"

  1. Jeff

    Thank you guys!!! My laptop screen was broken, my friend recommended these guys, so I brought it in to be repaired. They were very professional and courteous. It took them 4 days to fix it!! Wow that was fast!! And it was reasonably priced also. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing repairs or parts.